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Adj275 - The use of stun guns in Police Departments is a relatively new thing. While, stun guns have widely been available in the private sector for well over two decades, law enforcement agencies have only began using them in the last ten years.
Adj 275 - Also, a new tool that has been introduced over the last fifteen years is the use of surveillance cameras in patrol cars. This paper will discuss the benefits that these two tools provide to not only law enforcement but to the citizens as well.
adj265 - The stun guns that law enforcement agencies use is know as a “Taser” gun. It can shoot out two electrical leads with small metal barbs on the end of them. When these leads contact a person it emits a 50,000-volt electrical shock for a period of five seconds, which disrupts the person nervous system, which renders the immobilized and incapacitated with little to no harm done.
adj 265 - The use of surveillance cameras in patrol cars has also aided in the conviction of criminals and protects the officer against possible wrongful accusations. The video from surveillance cameras has also been used to convict criminals who have killed the police officers that have pulled them over. The general public has voiced little to no concerns over the use of surveillance cameras in police cars, on the flip side there is some debate on the use of stun guns.
There have been occasional injury or death resulting from a police officer using a stun gun on an individual, though more often than not that person had a pre-existing medical condition that more than likely contributed to their injury or death. The use of stun guns have also helped to save many lives that would otherwise could have led to the use of deadly force.

adj 265


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